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the distillery

Larceny & Old Fitzgerald are
handcrafted by Heaven Hill
Distillery: the largest independent, family-owned
& operated whiskey distillery
in America.

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Making Bourbons this smooth is
no small task. Here’s how it all
goes down.

Go Against the Grain

Unlike traditional Bourbon mashbills, Larceny & Old Fitzgerald use wheat as the secondary grain instead of rye. This wheat is sourced directly from local farms and gets fermented using Kentucky limestone water.

Wait Patiently

After the whiskey is distilled, it’s ready to be barreled and aged. Our barrels are stored in open air rickhouses: just like the ones that John E. Fitzgerald held the keys to. These buildings expose the barrels to extreme temperature changes year over year: impacting the final taste and proof of the Bourbon inside.

Choose Wisely

Our Master Distillers pull barrels from over 55 rickhouses across 6 different sites. Their selects are mingled together to create the perfect taste profiles for our Bourbons.