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Barrel proof

Steal a taste the same way John E.
Fitzgerald once did: uncut & straight
from the barrel. Each release
is aged 6-8 years and varies by proof.

Whiskey experts are getting taken with the
taste of Larceny Barrel Proof.

Get your hands on a bottle.



Dark sepia


Toasted bread, with maple
and cinnamon


Rich molasses coats the
tongue, with notes of fig
and hazelnut


Nuanced flavor fades into
lingering warmth

The key to barrel proof

No two Bourbon barrels age exactly
the same—which is
why every release
of Larceny Barrel Proof has its own

distinct flavor & proof point.

To unlock the details of your bottle,

check the batch number
on the label.

Barrel proof label

First letter:

Tells you which release it came from, starting with "A" for the first of the year, "B" for the second release, etc.

First Number:

Tells you what month it was released: January, May or September.

Last two numbers:

Tells you what year it was released.

barrel proof

Want to know where your bottle
stands? Browse our full list of
current and past releases.


  • releaseD January
  • batch nO. A120
  • proof 123.3
  • releaseD May
  • batch nO. B520
  • proof 122.2
  • releaseD September
  • batch nO. C920
  • proof 122.4
Kentucky Mule

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Unlock the full flavor of Barrel Proof.
A little water is key.

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